21 September 2021 | News

Hungry for Change: The Politics of Food in South Africa

TMG partners Heinrich Böll Foundation, Cape Town launch a new platform for conversations about food systems in South Africa

15 September 2021 | Publication

Power Poverty Hunger - Food System Facts 2021

TMG and the Heinrich Boell Foundation release a booklet offering pathways to create sustainable, just and healthy food systems.

09 September 2021 | Blog Post

Easing access to land for Africa’s youth: Are community land lease arrangements the answer?

Addressing structural constraints that discourage young people from joining the agricultural sector

by Washe Kazungu

01 September 2021 | News

Farm to Fork: an episode in a South African food series

A documentary film from TMG collaborators visiting community-led small-scale farming groups in Gugulethu and Ocean View, Cape Town

25 August 2021 | News

The future of global soil governance

TMG Director Alexander Müller joins workshop discussion at Euro Soil 2021

24 August 2021 | News

Website Launch: True Cost – From Costs to Benefits in Food and Farming

TMG and partners launch a new website promoting the True Cost Initiative

20 August 2021 | News

UN Food Systems Summit: New date announced

The virtual event will take place on 23 September during the UN General Assembly in New York

09 August 2021 | News

Land-Food-Climate: An African-European dialogue on climate resilience

TMG co-hosts series of events in lead up to the upcoming food and climate summits

09 August 2021 | Publication

Note conceptuelle du SEWOH Lab : Sécurité foncière des femmes et numérisation

L'équipe de gouvernance foncière du TMG publie un court document décrivant l'approche de l'axe de travail Genre et droits fonciers du projet SEWOH Lab.

by Oscar Schmidt

01 August 2021 | News

Invitation to review "Policies for Agroecology" report

Report draws on discussions at online event on 15 July 2021

27 July 2021 | News

GLF Africa 2021: Outcome Statement

Share knowledge, shape policy and galvanise global support for Africa’s drylands

by Bruno St-Jacques

15 July 2021 | Publication

SEWOH Lab Concept Note: Women's Tenure Security and Digitalization

TMG Land Governance team publish a short paper outlining the approach of the Gender and Land Rights workstream of the SEWOH Lab project

by Oscar Schmidt

13 July 2021 | Blog Post

Building wider support for ecosystem-based adaptation: how can communications help?

Ecosystem-based adaptation increases resilience in the face of climate change, but its adoption is still limited. How better communications can increase uptake.

by Gabriela Flores

11 July 2021 | Blog Post

Developing a human rights approach to land governance: a workshop report

How mapping stakeholder relations can help to improve land conflict resolution mechanisms

by Frederike Klümper, Harry Stopes

08 July 2021 | Publication

Marine Regions Forum: An international stakeholder forum to strengthen regional ocean governance

Exploring the Marine Regions Forum's potential to facilitate progress in ocean governance and sustainability

by Dr. Barbara Neumann, Sebastian Unger, Laura Weiand, Dr. Julien Rochette, Glen Wright, Alexander Müller

06 July 2021 | Publication

Covid, the Environment and Food Systems: Contain, Cope and Rebuild Better

Analysing impacts of COVID-19 on the nexus of food systems, the environment and sustainable development

by Anil Markandya, Jacob Salcone, Salman Hussain, Alexander Mueller and Simi Thambi

01 July 2021 | News

Kenya to Host the AGRF 2021 Summit

The Summit will focus on the bold actions needed for agriculture to fuel the continent’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and continued food systems transformation

25 June 2021 | Blog Post

The many faces of sustainability

Youth in Soil writers share stories from Africa

by Harry Stopes

23 June 2021 | Publication

Transforming our broken food systems

TMG Managing Director Alexander Müller contributes to a new volume on True Cost Accounting in the food sector.

by Barbara Gemmill-Herren, Lauren E. Baker and Paula A. Daniels (Eds.)

17 June 2021 | Blog Post

“I don’t know where the firewood buyers are coming from”

How Covid-19 puts the livelihoods of forest-dependent communities at risk

by Oscar Schmidt, Serah Kiragu-Wissler, Nelson Muiru and Julius Kariara

04 June 2021 | Blog Post

People and Planet

Empowering African communities in ecosystem restoration

by Jes Weigelt and Wangu Mwangi

26 May 2021 | Blog Post

Towards a cultural reset in restoring Africa’s drylands

Insights for empowering community-led land management as the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration (2021–2030) kicks off

by Wangu Mwangi and Jes Weigelt

18 May 2021 | Blog Post

Covid-19 and the evolving face of urban farming in Nairobi

How Covid-19 is changing food production in East Africa's largest city

by Samuel Wairimu

11 May 2021 | News

TMG joins Global Landscapes Forum as 31st Charter Member

GLF Members are committed to building landscapes that are productive, prosperous, equitable and resilient.

04 May 2021 | Publication

Advancing Ocean Governance in Marine Regions Through Stakeholder Dialogue Processes

TMG staff co-author an article on how collaborative efforts can help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for the world's oceans

26 April 2021 | Blog Post

The EU has what it takes to ramp up global ambition on oceans and climate

3rd International Ocean Governance Forum lays agenda for transformative Blue Economy pathways

by Wangu Mwangi and Harry Stopes

22 April 2021 | Video

Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Perspectives from Guatemala

A new short film shares various perspectives on Ecosystem-based Adaptation from Guatemala

01 April 2021 | Blog Post

From Watershed Development to Ecosystem-based Adaptation

A journey to systemic resilience

by Devaraj de Condappa and Stephen Roche

31 March 2021 | Publication

From Watershed Development to Ecosystem-based Adaptation: A journey to systemic resilience

This report synthesises the findings of case study research in two villages in Maharashtra, India, examining the effectiveness of Ecosystem-based Adaptation measures and the conditions that enabled its implementation at community level.

by Devaraj de Condappa, Larissa Stiem-Bhatia, Arjuna Srinidhi, Marcella D’Souza, Dada Dadas and Crispino Lobo

31 March 2021 | Blog Post

Cheap food is expensive

Why the World Food Systems Summit must usher in a fundamental change to our food system

by Alexander Müller

25 March 2021 | Blog Post

Achieving the right to land: An innovative tool for tracking land governance in Malawi

Exploring how a human rights approach will strengthen land rights

by Harry Stopes, Wangu Mwangi, Anna Kramer

22 March 2021 | Video

Learning lessons from ecosystem-based adaptation projects in Guatemala

TMG and Guatemalan partners share experiences for strengthening governance conditions for EbA

09 March 2021 | Blog Post

Repurposing social media

Spotlight on emerging innovations in Nairobi’s informal fresh food retail sector

by Sarah D’haen, Louisa Nelle and Irene Fabricci

08 March 2021 | Blog Post

To protect ecosystems, invest in women’s capacities!

This International Women’s Day we highlight the importance of women to the success of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030

by Harry Stopes, Jes Weigelt and Wangu Mwangi

01 March 2021 | News

2nd National Forum on Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA)

The 2nd National Forum on Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) was held virtually in November 2020

by Multiple Contributors

23 February 2021 | Video

Building Back Better and Greener With Agroecology

Video launching the Transformative Partnership Platform (TPP) presented during the UNEA-5

17 February 2021 | News

State-level Consultation on a Roadmap for nature-based and climate resilient livelihoods in Maharashtra

Pune-based NGO, Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR), in consultation with several experts, from the public, civil society and private sector, arrive at a joint statement on an ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change in Maharashtra


25 January 2021 | Video

2021 Climate Adaptation Summit - Agroecology for Adaptation

Watch our contribution to the 2021 Climate Adaptation Summit

16 December 2020 | News

II Foro Nacional de Adaptación basada en Ecosistemas

“Un enfoque integral para la reactivación económica ante crisis ambientales y económicas en Guatemala”

by Asociación ADIMI

04 December 2020 | Blog Post

Social innovations for healthy soils and human well-being

Supporting smallholders in safeguarding soil ecosystems

by Larissa Stiem-Bhatia

04 December 2020 | Blog Post

Knowledge that lasts: Repurposing farmer-led extension models in Benin

Testing farmer-led knowledge sharing approaches for strengthening sustainable land management and climate resilience in Benin

by Check Abdel Kader Baba and Wangu Mwangi

02 December 2020 | News

Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Green Recovery

Building back better from COVID-19

by Friends of EbA (FEBA)

16 November 2020 | News

Transforming food systems with an EbA approach for resilience

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken food systems around the globe. Lockdowns deprived millions of labourers and migrant workers of their livelihoods, and curtailed their ability to buy food.

by IKI Secretariat

29 October 2020 | News

Alliances for Ecosystem-based Climate Adaptation in Guatemala

Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) is globally recognised as an effective response to climate change

by Marai El Fassi

29 October 2020 | Blog Post

Alliances for Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Guatemala

A global shout out to ecosystem-based adaptation

by Marai El Fassi

28 September 2020 | News

Tercer boletín Proyecto Integración Clima-ODS

Noticias del Proyecto Integración Clima-ODS

by Multiple Contributors

01 July 2020 | News

IKI projects in Central America and the Caribbean Newsletter (Spanish version)

News from the IKI projects in Central America and the Caribbean A service of the interface project ACCIÓN Clima II in Costa Rica

by Multiple Contributors

30 June 2020 | Blog Post

Building Our Food Systems Back Better

What is required to make food systems provide sufficient, healthy food while not harming the planet? How should food security be maintained given the threat posed by climate change?

by Alexander Müller and Jes Weigelt

29 June 2020 | News

Ecosystems-based adaptation keeps water running in Bhojdari even in dry months

Ecosystems-based Adaptation (EbA) provides essential ecosystem services that serve as a buffer providing water and food security in instances of reverse migration.

by Vinaya Kurtkoti

25 June 2020 | Blog Post

Covid-19 Food/Future: How are food systems reconfiguring under the current pandemic?

This article presents insights gathered during the first six weeks of the Covid-19 Food/Future initiative by a team of young and dynamic voices based in nine African countries.

by Matteo Lattanzi, Bruno St-Jacques and Sarah D’haen

25 May 2020 | Blog Post

Video Diaries in the Days of Corona: Voices from the Ground

Young farmers’ insights on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on food systems in Sub-Saharan Africa @CovidFoodFuture and video diaries from Nairobi’s informal settlements

by Alexander Müller and Sarah d'haen

03 February 2020 | News

Combining Multiple Strands: This is the SEWOH Lab

A new research project of the special initiative examines several digital solutions for agriculture and food: This is a support for the successful fusion of digital and social innovations for food security.

by Welt Ohne Hunger

21 December 2019 | Blog Post

Guatemala holds its first National Forum on Ecosystem-based Adaptation

At the National Forum on Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Guatemala, various stakeholders recognized in a written declaration the urgent need to scale-up nature-based solutions

by Marai El Fassi

14 October 2019 | Blog Post

Nurturing nature: Identifying Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) initiatives to build social and political support for EbA upscaling in Guatemala

A step-by-step approach to identifying successful ecosystem-based adaptation initiatives

by Marai El Fassi and Chelsea Jones

25 September 2019 | Blog Post

Creating an enabling environment for nature-based solutions to climate change

Global goals will not percolate by themselves, local evidence is fundamental to implementing nature-based solutions to climate change

by Bruno St-Jacques, Anna Kramer and Jes Weigelt

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